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K-Brand Muay Thai Pads now available in Canada!

Combinations Sports is excited to introduce K-Brand Muay Thai equipment to the retail market in Canada. "K" pads are well known in Thailand, and are preferred by authentic Muay Thai trainers worldwide.

K-brand Muay Thai, K pads Muay Thai K-Brand Muay Thai Pads, available in several colors at Combinations Sports

K-Brand is a small company in Thailand, notorious for their high quality craftsmanship and designs. Their products are handmade with a meticulous attention to detail.  Despite gaining (well deserved) international recognition and popularity, the company does not mass produce their product so as to maintain the legendary quality they have become known for.

K pads are lightweight, yet durable.  They were designed to absorb punishment from the fighter so that the trainer does not have to., and crafted in a way to maximize comfort for both the trainer and fighter. Their distinctive right/left handles  are angled to effectively provide wrist support for the trainer.

K-Brand Thai Pads, Muay Thai Pads Angular, right/left handles offer maximum wrist support

The single strap model has a unique tapered shape that makes it easier to tuck close to the trainer's body for realistic shots and training.

K-Brand Thai Pads, Muay Thai Pads Single Strap K-Pads

Elite Thai trainers prefer the style and quality of "K' pads so much that many of them spend their own money to purchase a pair, rather than using the gym's sponsored brand. Although these cost more than the average pair of Thai pads on the market, the quality, design, and durability are all second to none. The same pair of pads can last through years of professional training.

After trying a pair of K Pads, you'll agree -- nothing else compares!

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