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  • Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Equipment

    The Cleto Reyes brand began in Mexico in the 1930's.  Maintained by family for over 80 years, the brand is now a world renowned boxing manufacturer known for superior quality and craftsmanship. Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing gloves are approved by WBC, WBO, WBA, and other leading world boxing organizations.  Reyes is the brand of choice for many world class boxers, including Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, and many more!

    Handmade in Mexico, Reyes boxing equipment is manufactured under strict quality control conditions. The stitching and reinforced seams are second to none.   All equipment is made with goatskin leather and other world-class materials.  You can smell the authentic Mexican leather when you open the packaging on a new pair of gloves!

    Cleto Reyes Traditional Lace Up Boxing Gloves Blue, Cleto Reyes, Cleto Reyes lace up, cleto reyes boxing gloves, cleto reyes traditional blue Cleto Reyes Traditional Lace Up Boxing Gloves - Available in Electric Blue, Traditional Red, White, and Black

    The Cleto Reyes Traditional Lace Boxing Gloves are great for training or sparring. They feature extensive lacing throughout the hand and wrist.   The long cuff features padding on both sides of the wrist, and through the back of the hand. All of these features help to secure the wrist and minimize injury while training. The stitching across the cuff is designed in such a way that the glove bends with the user to absorb impact, rather than straining the wrist with each hit. The grip bar inside the gloves makes it effortless to form a fist while wearing a pair.

    The water-repellent lining used in all Reyes boxing equipment, along with proper care, ensures longevity of their gear and helps to maintain consistent weight and protection of Cleto Reyes equipment.

    Combinations Sports is pleased to offer a variety of Cleto Reyes boxing  gloves, headgear, punch mitts, and more. Each product adheres to the brand's commitment for quality and craftsmanship. Shop our selection of Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Equipment today!




  • K-Brand Muay Thai Pads now available in Canada!

    Combinations Sports is excited to introduce K-Brand Muay Thai equipment to the retail market in Canada. "K" pads are well known in Thailand, and are preferred by authentic Muay Thai trainers worldwide.

    K-brand Muay Thai, K pads Muay Thai K-Brand Muay Thai Pads, available in several colors at Combinations Sports

    K-Brand is a small company in Thailand, notorious for their high quality craftsmanship and designs. Their products are handmade with a meticulous attention to detail.  Despite gaining (well deserved) international recognition and popularity, the company does not mass produce their product so as to maintain the legendary quality they have become known for.

    K pads are lightweight, yet durable.  They were designed to absorb punishment from the fighter so that the trainer does not have to., and crafted in a way to maximize comfort for both the trainer and fighter. Their distinctive right/left handles  are angled to effectively provide wrist support for the trainer.

    K-Brand Thai Pads, Muay Thai Pads Angular, right/left handles offer maximum wrist support

    The single strap model has a unique tapered shape that makes it easier to tuck close to the trainer's body for realistic shots and training.

    K-Brand Thai Pads, Muay Thai Pads Single Strap K-Pads

    Elite Thai trainers prefer the style and quality of "K' pads so much that many of them spend their own money to purchase a pair, rather than using the gym's sponsored brand. Although these cost more than the average pair of Thai pads on the market, the quality, design, and durability are all second to none. The same pair of pads can last through years of professional training.

    After trying a pair of K Pads, you'll agree -- nothing else compares!

  • Winning Gloves

    Winning Professional Boxing gloves are high-end gloves used by many of the world's top champions in their competitions. One of the oldest brands in the sport, Winning gloves have been around since 1937. Manufactured by Winning in Japan, these gloves are a masterpiece of craftsmanship and technology. Winning gloves are safe, durable and of the best quality in the industry. Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of these gloves.

    The global demand on Winning gloves is very high, often surpassing production levels. Combinations Sports is very pleased to be able to keep these top-of-the-line gloves in stock. We also offer Winning head gear in various styles and colours

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