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Murder outside of Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok

A security guard was killed and a Muay Thai official assaulted in broad daylight by two armed men outside of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, on Friday, March 24, 2017.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is famous for producing elite Thai boxers and promoting the culture of Muay Thai on both domestic and international levels. It’s been known as pillar for tourists wanting an authentic Muay Thai experience.

Per reports from The Bangkok Post and The Nation, Udom Deekrachang arrived via pickup truck around 1pm. It was outside the stadium that he was approached and beaten with a wooden bat by 2 men wearing motorcycle helmets. Anucha Prathumma, a stadium security guard whose age has been reported between 24 to 50 years, was shot in the chest while trying to intervene.

Both assailants fled the scene via motorbike. Mr. Udom, the technical division head for Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, was admitted to hospital and treated for a head injury.

There’s a well-known history of organized crime related to Muay Thai in Thailand, however it does not appear to be the case with this attack. In fact, Mr Udom’s daughter suspects some disgruntled boxing fans may be responsible.

Police continue to investigate evidence, including security camera footage, for clues pertaining to the attackers’ identities.


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