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Combinations Sports is your one stop shop with the best selection of Boxing gear and apparel. We carry top boxing brands like Everlast, Cleto Reyes, Winning, Adidas and more! Check out our great selection of gear including boxing gloves, headgear, boxing boots, no foul protectors, focus mitts, striking pads, hand wraps, and mouth guards. 

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  1. Everlast Coach's Vest

    Out stock

    Everlast Coach's Vest - C3 FOAM


  2. Fairtex Lightweight Belly Pad (BPV2)

    In stock

    Fairtex Lightweight Belly Pad (BPV2)

  3. Fairtex BPV1 Fairtex Pro Leather Belly Pad

    In stock

    Fairtex BPV1 Fairtex Pro Leather Belly Pad

  4. Kimurawear Belly Pad

    In stock

    Kimurawear Belly Pad

  5. Twins Belly Protector Velcro (BEPl-2) - Black

    In stock

    Twins Belly Protector 

  6. Twins Belly Protector VelcroTwins (BEPl-2) - Red

    In stock

    Twins Belly Protector w/ velcro

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